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We’re here to connect you with the best possible resources for musicians and artists on the topics of productivity, efficiency, getting more done, and achieving your dreams through your music, creativity, and art.

We believe that transforming one’s personal habits can lead to unprecedented levels of productivity. And when you reach peak levels of productivity, you create momentum in your music career. Accomplishing more – and specifically accomplishing more of the right things – leads to personal empowerment and expanded results in one’s activity. Getting to that point, however, usually requires tremendous amounts of learning, trial and error, and experimentation.

With the right resources at your fingertips, you can learn faster, adapt quicker, and build habits that help you get more done. Knocking down the “big domino” in your life knocks down many of the small dominoes in the process. Essentially, if you’re more productive, many of the other results you’re looking for – more career opportunities, increased income, more and better-quality relationships and connections, and more – follow, and even take care of themselves. Focusing on the right habits leads to desired results.

Our mission is to transform you into the type of musician or artist who can be productive under any circumstance.

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