The Productivity, Performance & Profits Breakthroughs Program was created by Music Entrepreneur HQ founder & CEO David Andrew Wiebe in support of his first premium book, the Productivity, Performance & Profits Blackbook.

Wiebe is a best-selling seven-time self-published author, an award-winning composer, and a podcaster for over a decade. He has published 44 songs (not including those he’s produced or played guitar on), thousands of blog posts and articles, hundreds of podcast episodes, and hundreds of videos too.

These are not facts he’s openly bragging about. But these achievements sparked an idea. Wiebe began to think, “What if I could help other people be more accomplished in their own lives?” And so, a plan started coming together.

Wiebe is currently campaigning to gather early feedback on his new material. He set up a Facebook group – called Productivity, Performance & Profits Breakthroughs – where artists committed to having breakthroughs in productivity can gather, ask questions, offer feedback, and engage in weekly live streams and assignments.

Productivity, Performance & Profits Breakthroughs

The group is already a veritable treasure trove of valuable information on productivity and efficiency. There’s plenty of time to get caught up with the training Wiebe has offered so far. Here are the relevant links (you may need to answer a few questions to be able to join the Productivity, Performance & Profits Breakthroughs Facebook group):

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