Success is a planned event. And if you aren’t planning for success, you’re planning to fail.

Most artists begin their week with the best of intentions. But it’s a rare artist indeed who has the discipline to plan each week and then follow their plan.

But why Sunday planning sessions? Couldn’t you do the same thing on a Monday morning?

Of course, you could.

But what happens with most is they get to the office, spend the first two or three hours planning their work, go on lunch break, and don’t get around to real work until later in the day if at all. Context-switching is hard. And that represents a major productivity loss.

Sure, you could make up for it late on a Friday or a Saturday. But do you want to?

Now, it doesn’t matter if you don’t care. But if you care about making the most of your creative sessions, if you care about being a person of integrity at your place of work, if you want to get out of the rut and stop wasting precious time… it might be worth closer examination.

For most people, Sunday is not a workday. So, it facilitates clearer thinking. Doing your thinking on a Sunday allows you to see everything from a bird’s eye view, deciding how to organize your schedule, identify priorities, and note down critical to-do items for the week. You can capture everything as it comes to you.

If there was anything that didn’t work last week, you can adjust for this week. And if you nailed your schedule the week before, you don’t need to dedicate any more time to figuring that part out. You can spend most of your thinking time on your to-do list.

As you become clear on all your commitments, meetings, assignments, and so on, it reduces stress as Monday approaches. No more thought space needs to be dedicated to figuring out how to organize your week to have it work. So, you sleep better.

The other advantage of making your schedule the night before you start your week is that you can get your brain to assimilate and organize the information as you’re sleeping. The mind goes to work on whatever problem it is presented with, so it will figure out the finer details in your schedule that will have your week work even better.

Sunday planning sessions do not require more than an hour or two. But you may enjoy the process so much that you end up setting aside more time for it. You won’t know until you try.

For some, getting out of the house, driving to a coffee shop, having a cup of coffee, and putting on some immersive music would put them in the right space to make the session as enjoyable and as productive as possible. Give it a try, you never know. You can always experiment and adjust.

Think it might work for you? Try it out and let us know what happens. You can leave a comment below.

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