Music Entrepreneur HQ founder & CEO David Andrew Wiebe has had his articles published on leading music industry sites like Hypebot, Indie on the Move, CD Baby’s DIY Musician, Independent Music Promotions, Music Marketing Guy, Music Industry How To, Guitar Aficionado, and numerous others.

Wiebe is now a frequent contributor to Bandzoogle as well, and his latest article on How to get a booking agent to book your band went live on April 13, 2023, and was also syndicated to Hypebot.

As Wiebe points out, many bands coming to the point of wanting to enlist the help of a booking agent aren’t ready for one. So, knowing when to seek out the help of an agent as a band is an important productivity hack all its own.

Booking agent

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“Just because you want a booking agent doesn’t mean you can necessarily get one,” shared Wiebe. “There are so many pre-qualifiers to getting to that point – having a tight show, a polished brand, 1,000 followers or subscribers on all the main platforms, 100 to 200 ticket sales per show, the right fit, a manager, and more. And even though you may not need to fulfill all these criteria, you will need to fulfill most to get to the point of getting a booking agent.”

Bottom line – until you’re ready for an agent, put your head down and keep doing the work. It will have you focused on the strategic activity that matters to get to the point of achieving long-term goals.

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