In a blog post published on April 15, 2023, author and founder of Music Entrepreneur HQ David Andrew Wiebe shared a process for getting your ideas out of your mind.

Many artists try to hold onto ideas in their brain without capturing them in some way, shape, or form, and later regret never writing them down or making an audio note.

You just never know when you might come up with a brilliant song idea, or marketing strategy, or stage move that would wow the crowd. The next idea could be the one that propels your career forward in surprising ways.

“But there’s more to it than that,” shared Wiebe. “Having too many ideas can cause a sort of paralysis. Artists often end up stewing on a ton of ideas not realizing that it’s taking up precious memory, which fogs their thinking in the immediate. It’s like opening too many browser tabs on your computer. Eventually, your computer suffers from significant slowdown.”

Focus is key to getting things done, and as Wiebe suggests, holding onto too many ideas will impact your focus.

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“There’s a way to start your day with a clean slate,” added Wiebe, “and it’s not that hard. What if you could begin your day with clearer thinking? What if you could set aside lesser ideas for now so you could be fully present and fully focused on the things you’re trying to accomplish right now? That’s what this simple process offers.”

Wiebe’s post, titled Empty Your Mind, is short and sweet and is well worth the read for any musician looking to be more productive.

Empty Your Mind by David Andrew Wiebe

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