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About Our Founder & Editor

Our founder & editor David Andrew Wiebe is the music industry’s most sought-after blogger, writer, copywriter, songwriter, lyric writer, ghostwriter, and author. His works have been published on CD Baby’s DIY Musician, Bandzoogle, Sonicbids, Hypebot, Flypaper, Indie on the Move, Music Industry How To, Musician’s HQ, MIDINation, Guitar Aficionado, Music Marketing Guy, Guitar Six, Sessionville, and many others. Somehow, he still manages to find the time to publish daily on his blog too.

Wiebe is also the founder of Music Entrepreneur HQ and Content Marketing Musician.

Never one to brag, what we’ve shared with you here is but the tip of the iceberg. But we would be here all day if we were to attempt to cover all of Wiebe’s accomplishments. So, let’s summarize.

  • Four-time award-winning and one-time nominated composer for Best Original Score on The Nobody Prayer
  • Amazon and Kobo best-selling author of The New Music Industry, The Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship, The Music Entrepreneur Code, and four other self-published books
  • Host of The New Music Industry Podcast, co-host of the Adrenalize Def Leppard Fan Podcast, and Using Your Power
  • Songwriter of 26 years, guitarist of 22 years, guitar instructor of 20 years
  • Professional freelance, self-published, and staff writer of 11 years
  • Had his music featured in CCM Magazine and The Antidote

Welcome to Productivity for Musicians.